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15 September 2014

Tracey Banks


I joined the Grampian branch of the Scottish Endurance Riding Club in spring 2004 with my anglo-arab mare Shaquille.  I have tried a bit of everything in the past mainly show jumping, a bit of eventing and showing.    


I attended my first endurance ride at Drummuir and have never looked back.  After the first pleasure ride (great fun), my friend and I immediately went on to do 20 miles/32km.  I achieved my first BTQ the first year and have achieved my second this year.  The plan to do my first 30m/50km this year in 2005 had to go on hold as being a mad parent I decided to buy my son a pony!  He did his first pleasure this year at Whitehaugh. 


Next year (2006) I will do a 30 mile/50km and my son informs me he would quite like to do a 20m/32km !!!