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15 September 2014

Tahuna – Typhoona


What do you do when the rain is sheeting down, the wind is blowing a gale and

the sand is flying enough to strip the paint off an oil-rig?

Why, if your are bold enough and mad enough, you take your horse and yourself

off to Tahuna for the dressage and beach ride held on 4th July. Although the

weather somewhat depleted the field a full compliment of helpers turned out to

support Lynda Keeler, Ride Organiser (with marker Laura Shand), including Carola

McCallum and Yvonne Thomson who also rode managed the barbecue behind the

shelter of the porta-cabin. Throughout the day Carolla delivered ‘tsunami’ coffee

to the helpers.

Six riders braved Class 1 Dressage in wild conditions in an open arena returning

good scores whilst only one, Donna Hemmings did Class 2 but she achieved the

highest individual score at this more complex test. The Dressage was judged by Viv

Law with Katie Keith as her writer and Freya van Midden acting as steward

Mary Stelmach supported by Sharon Chugg and Heather Duncan braved the wind

and the rain to take heart rates and assess trot-ups as the riders set out onto a

windswept beach. The fist leg was straight into the wind but coming home the wind

was in the tail and fast times were recorded by everyone and carefully logged by Rob

Winmill as Starter.

This combination of dressage and endurance is scored by the somewhat complex

‘Performance Formula’ which combines the dressage positions with a points score for

endurance which rewards speed and heart rate. (see formulae below) Leon Stelmach

was in the Caravan and calculated the scores as soon as the efficient Rona Kennedy

ran them up to him.

At the finish in the shelter of the porta-cabin Lynda presented the winners'

rosettes as follows: Class 1 – 1st Pat Dorward, 2nd Yvonne Thomson, 3rd Allison

Carrington, 4th Emma Kendal, 5th Ashley Duncan, 6th Daneille Cruickshank. Class 2 -

Donna Hemmings.

Ruth Riddell, as Chief Steward, managed this complex and difficult day with her

usual efficiency and was relieved that there had been no accidents in the foul


Everyone who rode, not only enjoyed the day, but also felt a great sense of

achievement and everyone learned just a little more about what they and their

horses are capable of. It is to be commended to you all as a diary date for next year.

Performance Formula:

(Speed x 2 - Minimum speed of ride x 100 ) divided by Final Heartrate.