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15 September 2014

Ruth Riddell

I joined HLDRC (now SERC) in 1990 with my horse Sameera.  We did some pleasure rides in those early years but then she was laid off for a couple of years with injuries and general unfitness.  During that time, I became involved in helping at, and then organising, rides.  I also served on the Branch and Club committees.  Since then we developed problems with loading and I started crewing for Nicky Groat, occasionally for Kate Robertson and more recently for Pat Dorward.  Helping in these different ways has been great fun and has taught me a great deal about endurance.

With the help of my husband who set it up, I keep the Branch website up to date.   

Having eventually got my own transport, I finally sussed out how to load Samee and was looking forward to going to many more rides, but unfortunately she died very unexpectedly in 2008, so I'm now back on the ground but continuing my interest in endurance riding whenever I can.  Hope to see you at some of the Grampian rides.

Ruth Riddell