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17 October 2016


Philorth  16th October 2016


Rider Horse Name Branch kms HR Speed Award
Carol Potter Cloughwood Gold Spangle Gram       Withdrawn
Robyn Jones Pippa Glas 30 44 10.98 SC3 Gold
Katie Sutherland Jakhiri Gram 30 46 11.92 SC2 Gold
Dorothy Ralli Myriewell Freya  ( Tia ) Gram 30 56 12.08 SC2 Silver
Alison Saunders Cavatina Gram 30 44 11.92 SC2 Gold
Sharon Chugg Tino Gram       Withdrawn
Arlene Parvin Kingsmeadowhouse Magicmaker Gram       Withdrawn
Angela Christie Mirren Gram 18 40 9.73 Pleasure
Sarah Taylor Red Cloud Jacob Gram 18 38 9.73 Pleasure
Jackie Corsie Orchid of Orcadia  Gram       Withdrawn
Pat Dorward Dhabi Gram 18 36 10.91 Pleasure
Best Presentation
Mary Stelmach Cefngarn Moris Gram 18 48 10.91 Pleasure
Alison Seggie Pabbay of Whitefield Tay 18 42 9.91 Pleasure
Rebecca Sayers Autumn Gold Gram       Withdrawn
Vicky Smith Roisbheinn Robert the Bruce Gram 18 58 8.31 Pleasure
Jaclyn Skinner Kirsty Gram 18 40 8.31 Pleasure
Andrea Duguid Ollie DM 0 48 5.94 Elim - OOT
Dorothy Drury Frankie DM 10 44 9.38 Taster
Angela Wiseman Mercurion Gram 0     Withdrawn
Jennifer Duncan Megan DM 0 51 5.94 Elim - OOT
Jennifer Graham Clonsfert Abbeyland DM 10 44 9.38 Taster
Best Presentation
Nikita Sutherland Smiddy Joe  DM 0     Withdrawn
Natasha Sutherland Bond free spirit  DM 0     Withdrawn
Rebecca Tait Moon beam  DM 0     Withdrawn
Tiana Knight Duds DM 0     Withdrawn
Sally Smith Sean of Inverdarroch Gram 10 44 10.71 Taster
Lindsay Riddoch Midge of Millfield Gram 10 42 10.71 Taster
Route/Ride Organisers Angi Long, Karl and Maya Leye
Chief Steward Ruth Riddell
Marking/demarking Angi, Karl, Maya, Sally Smith
Parking Karl and Maya
Admin Carol Potter, Lorna Hogg
Timekeeper Donna Hemmings
Vet Gate Steward Angela Wiseman
Vet Writer Arlene Parvin
Pleasure Comp Pers Marlene Arthur
Comp Pers Writer Maureen Walker
Runners Anna and Skye Armstrong, Katy Parvin
Checkpoints Sharon Chugg, Michelle Helliwell
Road Crossings Anna and Skye, Matt Walker
Lunches Fiona Thomson
Homebakes Maya and Katy