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15 September 2014

Here is a Little Poem which Angi Long wrote.  (It was inspired by a comment from Morag (Nickki Groat’s sister) when she found out that Angi and Karl Leye’s horses are wintered out and barefoot)


No Shoes, No Clothes, No Hoose!

No metal boots
No nails in my feet
To be torn off by the roots
And kill the sensation of the beat

No clothes on my back
No cover on my neck
No straps to go slack
Or to rip - just of the heck...

No roof over my head
Nor walls to surround
No rain on the roof
For in my ears to resound

To provide all the above
Most owners strive like mad
What is natural is what I love
And for that I will be glad

My feet, my skin, my lungs
They all like to breathe
I've a natural coat - no need for weave
I need my horn for the surface I pound
To know where I tread, when my feet hit the ground
I need fresh air for my lungs to inhale
Not confined to a stable, where it can go stale

I'm glad to be out, natural and loose
No shoes, no clothes and no hoose!