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15 September 2014

Nicky & Sombra at Ingram Valley 1997Nickie Groat

I am a founder member of the Grampian Branch formed in 1990.  It must be something in my blood, as I was foolish enough to take on the Treasurer's job then and with only 5 years off I am still there.

I reached Gold Series finally in 2000, it seemed that I would never get there, but it took me a while to find the right horse - Sombra Deora.  He is stroppy, cheeky, gutsy, but my sweetie and I wouldn't swap him for the world.  Corky, as my husband calls him, and I were honoured to be picked as part of the Celtic Challenge Team in 1997, it was a mind boggling experience but has helped greatly as this year again I have agreed to be the Chef D'Equipe, heading for Cirencester and The Red Dragon.

I enjoy our sport because it is a personal ladder you are climbicrossing water at Ingram Valley 1997ng and there are no time barriers, this year Corky and I are hoping to tackle the 2-day 100-mile ride at the Scottish Champs down in Kelso.  Being an active hands-on farmer's wife and just newly taken on a part-time job (must be the ageing process - I hit the big 40 in Jan '03 and it seems like I'm forgetful already), I hope I have some spare time to get him fit enough.

Whatever happens, as long as we all enjoy ourselves and the wonderful scenery we are fortunate to be able to ride over, many thanks to all organisers and landowners, I will be happy.