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15 September 2014

Welcome to our Message Board

This message board has been set up for members past and present.  If you would like to add a message, please contact



Bill Warrander

December 2009

Hi all

Browsing through the internet I came upon the Grampian Branch of the Scottish Endurance Riding Club's Web Site and I was interested to view the contents.

My name is Bill Warrander and I was a member of the Club in the early days along with my horse Dunskin and spent many happy times at rideouts and meetings.

It was interesting to see a few of the present members are still supporting the Club, like Marlene Arthur, Mary and Leon Stelmach and Ruth Riddell to name a few.

I still have my horses Dunskin and Roo but have not ridden them for about ten years, other activities have taken over, so its just a case of feeding and watering them and seeing to their needs.

I will be watching the Web Site more frequently and would like to wish the Club and its members all the best for the next 20 years.

Bill Warrander

Mary Rasmussen

August 2007

Mary was forced to give up riding when she lost her sight.  However she remains very positive and is her usual bright and cheerful, and very capable self.   Her guide dog Cameron has just been awarded a place in the finals of the BBC Breakfast Guide Dog of the Year Awards to be held on 6th September 2007.   There is an article about Mary and Cameron on the News & Events page.

Lesley Foreman

July 2007

Lesley and her husband are now back in Banchory.  She and her daughter Debbie have been coming to some of our Grampian Pleasure Rides and it's great to see her back.  Hopefully she will write something for the message board soon.

Kate MacIver

(Highland Branch)

Are you Susan that sold me Joe? -
Lovely to hear from Bob Harper. Often wondered where he went.  Carol Bunting and I were the speakers at the Kintore Arms that night and remember well the excitement and enthusiasm that was oozing from the crowd!.

Susan Kilgour

HI Stranger, long time no see
Susan Kilgour here I was also one of the original Committee Members along with my mum Ann Kilgour.  We had some great fun while on the committee and its strange that I was just thinking what has happened to everyone and low and behold I find this site and a letter from Bob and his wife.  I spent many a lovely day with them at their house and now I know what Bob has been up to.  Hope you are all keeping well and hopefully we can all catch up.
I still have horses but no longer do LDR due to a loss of my nerve, I can still ride in a school but am terrified while out hacking.  Do look back on the days when we used to go off on our own for miles without a worry and would love to  be like that again,  if anyone can offer suggestions feel free.
I currently live outside Ellon at my dream home, a 12 acre croft which my partner which weI built ourselves.  It has taken many years but we are getting there.  House was made wind and water tight then I gave up on the house and started outside, completely re-fenced the place, put in a sand school and the other half is currently rebuilding the stable block and other outbuildings.  In between all this I have also managed to have one daughter who has just turned 10 and who is also horse daft just like her mum.  We have 4 horses and ponies at the moment ranging from a rising two year old to a 35yr old retired pony who Jemma learned so much on.
I also trained to become a canine beautician and own my own grooming salon in the village of Ellon, attached to the grooming salon I run a tack shop called Essential Equine (tack shop has only been open 5mths but is doing great)
I look forward to reading what everyone has been up to and hopefully catching up with a few old friends who I have lost touch with.

Bob Harper, our first Chairman

Dear Ruth

Thank you so much for your update.

I can still remember my first trip to the HLDRC as a spectator and a few weeks later holding the meeting in the Kintore Arms at Inverurie to gauge interest , expecting maybe 15 or 20 I think we had 50 or 60. From then on it was all systems go and a lot of hard work by a lot of people. I never rode in many of the rides but have a scar on my wrist from a broken caravan window as a permanent reminder.  Congratulations to everyone involved over the years.

Jenny and I are in Saudi Arabia where we have been for the past 2 years following 7 years in Spain and 2 years in Holland where I was a regular Western rider.  We no longer have horses but who knows what will happen when we eventually retire.  We spent a great holiday two years ago in Utah on a Ranch with all the riding we needed with some great people with wonderful names like Shiloh and Jebediah who thought it was good fun for us all to re-enact the Man from Snowy River ride down the cliff face. We are still here to tell the tale.

We hope you all have a wonderful time at your anniversary celebrations, We hope that Shuna Marden who taught Bob to ride almost 30 years ago - thanks Shuna - will be present along with Helen Hogben who was such a dedicated and hardworking member in the early days.

A lot of water under the bridge and changed lives for many  of us and for some of us creaking joints in the morning and pills for this and that but some good times to look back on and God willing, forward to.

Have a great time be safe and Happy Trails.

Best wishes Bob and Jenny Harper.