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15 September 2014

Lynsey Gordon


I did my first Pleasure Ride at the Forest of Deer in August 2004 and enjoyed it so much decided to join the club!  My horse Dino (posh name Valittu) is a 14.3hh Finnish horse who used to compete in trotting races in Finland.  Endurance seems to be right up his street and we have both had a fantastic first year!  Yvonne Thomson and Schadow are at the same livery yard so she has been fantastic with advice and encouragement.


We achieved our first BTQ at Durris where I learnt that it really does help the horse to stay calm if Mum keeps her cool also!  We got Silver as I worked out the times for mph instead of km, wonít make that mistake again.  Our second BTQ was at Clashindarroch and we had a brilliant ride, this time getting Gold.  By that point I really was hooked on the sport and so it seems was Dino.  He learnt his job very quickly which made the rides all the more enjoyable.  After a few more rides we decided to attempt our BTF at Grampian Castles.  This was the hilliest ride we had done so far and a real challenge but it was great fun.  I was so proud of Dino when we got Gold and our BTF, he is so tough just keeps on going!


My favourite ride of the year was up at the Highland Fling where we did a 50km ride.  Now that we had got our BTF we could both relax and enjoy it!  Dino immediately took to the course and he just seemed to fly.  Gave my poor husband Craig a shock as he didnít have a lot of time between crewing stops!  Finnish horses really can trot and it was amazing to see what my brave little horse could do!  Finishing in SC1 and with a Gold heart rate, he really did me proud.


It has been a truly amazing first year for us and we are now looking forward to all the challenges of the future.