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15 September 2014

Chrystal Fire Dance - 60 mile - Cotswolds 2000Kate Robertson

I started in endurance in 1991, with my 13.1 HH Icelandic Dumgur. I also rode a 13.0 HH Icelandic Stefnir.  We got to STQs. 

I then acquired a charismatic chestnut Arab gelding, Karam.  He also achieved 20 & 30 miles.  The next winter, in his field, he broke his cannon bone.  We then bought the more working horse Chrystal Fire Dance, a 16.00 HH chestnut Arab gelding.  We progressed through the grades to achieve GTF in 1997.  Then we managed our Platinum 82.5 miles or 130 km in Landivisiau, France whilst on the British Intermediate Team.  Up until this date Fire Dance has achieved 10 x 50, 3 x 60 and 1 x 80 mile rides. Quite a lad. 

I've also got Lady Bathsheba, a 10 year old Anglo Arab mare 15.1 HH.  We have been ready to do 50 miles since the FMD year, but, with F.D. being ridden in Scotland, England, France and Wales, also being asked to take him as reserve for the Scottish Team 2002, we keep missing the 50s for her. 

I've just finished my stint as Chairperson for Grampian Branch and now am co-opted to do the job of Grampian Branch Ride Co-ordinator for 2003.