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15 September 2014

Helping at Rides

By Tracey Banks

Helpers Co-ordinator  Email –    Phone – 07837570880


Yes, these 3 horrible words that everyone loves to hear – helping at rides.  Our rides can only take place if we have enough volunteers to run them.  There are a number of jobs you can do so I’ve decided to give a brief description of each role to encourage people to help.


Ride Organiser

Find and checks out the route and organizes the ride. A short description of long job!!

Chief Steward

Someone that is familiar with the Clubs rules.  Able to make impartial decisions when an incident is reported or complaint is made.


In the caravan – gives out bibs, takes in paperwork.  In contact with Raynet and checkpoints.   Makes sure all horse and riders are accounted for.  Completes paperwork and returns them with rosettes.


Collect vet sheets from riders at the start of rides.  Make sure there is at least a minute between riders.  Enter time on paperwork. Check in at vetting or end of ride

Vet Gate Timekeeper

Similar to the above but also records the time to the second when the horse is declared ready to present to the vet.

Vet Writer

Fills out the paperwork by entering heart rate and anything else the vet may wish to add to the sheet.

Vet Halt/Gate Steward

Supervises the vetting procedures, ensures safe and orderly presentation and enters time presented to the vet. 

Trot ups

At pleasure and training rides takes heart rates and watches trot up and general well being of the horse.

Checkpoint Stewart

Marks off each rider as they pass through the checkpoint recording time and the riders number.  Informs caravan by mobile if any rider is missing or in trouble.

Marking and Demarking

Marks out the course before a ride and demark it after. 

Road Crossing

Help riders over roads safely.


Guiding drivers to the correct parking place.

Helper’s Lunches

Provide rolls/sandwiches for the volunteers.

Gate Attendant

Opens gates for the riders.


Most of all is nice to see everything from the ground and have a chat with people that you are normally too busy to speak to.

Enjoy the session and hope to see you helping at a ride soon.