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15 September 2014

Glen Tanar Charity Ride   15th September 2013

All profits to Horseback UK.  Thank you to all those who entered, helped, bought raffle tickets or made donations, especially Arlene Parvin who organised a wonderful ride.

Rider Branch Horse Kms HR Speed (kph) Award Comments
Sarah Taylor Grampian Red Cloud Jacob 16 36 10.67 Pleasure  
Mia Taylor Day Member Lenja 16 50 10.67 Pleasure  
Molly Atkinson Grampian Polar Saracen 16 42 10.11 Pleasure  
Jenny Evans Day Member Clover 16       Withdrawn
Kate Arman Day Member Finolis 16       Withdrawn
Alison Saunders Grampian Cavatina 16 46 10.00 Training  
Katie Keith Grampian Jakhiri 16 38 10.00 Training  
Lorna Hogg Grampian De Marco 16       Withdrawn
Nicola Price Grampian Strinesdale Sensational 16       Withdrawn
Fiona McCulloch Day Member Dice 16       Withdrawn
Matthew Walker Grampian Cumbria Aswad 16 44 9.41 Pleasure Best Condition
Sean Mardon Day Member Lizzie 16 38 9.41 Pleasure  
Shuna Mardon Day Member Hjemdal Astrid 16 40 9.41 Pleasure  
Marion Wills Day Member Ffin 16       Withdrawn
Ruth McMinn Grampian Doonies Brogach 16       Withdrawn
Margaret Nash Day Member Ros 16       Withdrawn
Sue Lacy-Hulbert Day Member Millie 16       Withdrawn
Irene Smith Day Member Romula 16       Withdrawn
Malcolm Robertson Grampian Diamond Daylight 16 52 10.55 Pleasure  
Mary Robertson Grampian Tilly 16 38 10.55 Pleasure  
Debbie Whyte Grampian Pantanamlwg Sambo 16       Withdrawn
Flora McDonald Grampian Conchita of Glentruim 16       Withdrawn
Chloe Christie Day Member Thorphinn 16 46 10.67 Pleasure  
Angela Christie Grampian Mirren 16 42 10.67 Pleasure  
Lisa Maitland Grampian Ollie 16       Withdrawn
Nicola Garrett Day Member Candy 8       Withdrawn
Linda Low Day Member Willow 8       Withdrawn
Viv Law Grampian Kestral 8 36 5.65 Out of Time  
Susan Fowler Day Member Balmoral Lonach 8 38 5.65 Out of Time  
Carola MacCallum Grampian PS Silva Sharif 8       Withdrawn
Jock Hutchison Horseback UK Nimitz 8       Charity ride
Marty Wilson Horseback UK Rodney 8       Charity ride