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14 February 2016

Forestry Work Extract from FC Newsletter

New Car Park Charges

Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) is in the process of increasing the number of car parks at which

we apply charges for car parking. Over the next few months you will see new meters at nine of our

sites around Moray, Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.

These car parks will be Kirkhill, Foggieton, Countesswells, Scolty, Bennachie Centre, Back of Bennachie,

Culbin (Wellhill), Whiteash (Winding Walks) and Roseisle.

FCS has had to look very closely at how we continue to provide the wide variety of high quality

recreational opportunities throughout Scotland in light of the need to manage budgets in line with

available spending.

Rather than reduce our offering of great quality walks, bike trails, viewpoints, picnic areas and the

many other facilities in the forest, we will be asking you to pay for car parking at some sites so we

can reinvest this money in the up-keep and indeed, in some cases, improvement of facilities.

Keeping these facilities to a high standard can be fairly expensive. Some examples of work carried out

in the past year include:

. Gordon Way path upgrade at around 20,000;

. Car park upgrades across Moray and North Aberdeenshire at 20,000;

. New toilet block at Back of Bennachie at 50,000; and

. Countesswells and Foggieton path and car park upgrades at 70,000, with much more to do.

We regularly carry out very many smaller tasks including keeping toilets clean, felling unsafe trees,

removing fly tipping, grass cutting, running public events, and working with children in schools,

to name but a few which hopefully improve the enjoyment of your forest visit.

Across Scotland charges will reflect the opportunities available on site. In most cases in north east

Scotland charges will be no more than 2 to park for the whole day. At the Bennachie Centre it will

be only slightly more at 3. All sites will have a 1-3 hour rate and there is also a 1 for one hour rate

for short visits. We think what you'll find on offer makes this good value for money and these rates

are very comparable to similar ones offered by other providers across Scotland.

We know we have many regular visitors who visit our forests almost every day so we have arranged

annual season tickets which will give you access to all the FCS sites in Moray and Aberdeenshire

forests including Huntly Peregrine Wildwatch Centre, for only 30 per year. For your season ticket

please contact our Huntly office on 01466 794161 or by email at moray&