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15 February 2016

Clashindarroch 2012

Ruth Riddell, Clash RO


This is one of my favourite rides. Having been part of the team that put on the first ride here many moons

ago, I love coming back and reccying the tracks - just as well as its 40 miles from home – but to spend a

few hours walking, cycling or driving (we get permission) around the forest enjoying the wildlife and a

wee picnic with a great view - it makes a grand day out.


Picking a couple of good days to recce was easy enough but what would happen on the day? especially

considering the weather beforehand and way that rides were being cancelled both North and South. So

the decision was to use the hard forest tracks for most of the routes. These can stand just about any

amount of rain, so I really wasn’t worried about the weather until about a week before the ride when the

forecasts started to talk about SNOW!  On the day, it was a lovely day – cool but most importantly dry.


This was our first competitive ride of the year and we had 37 riders, including 6 in the 50k class, 5 in the

Taster ride and a good spread in the other classes in between. Speeds weren’t particularly fast and some

HRs were higher than expected but most people achieved their target and everyone seemed to enjoy the



Of course none of this would be possible without our team of helpers. I’d like to particularly thank Joan

Austin who checked out many of the tracks on horseback (or should I say ponyback) – it was a busy time

for Joan as she had been busy at work, was in the middle of lambing and is also co-organiser of the Clatt

ride. All the helpers on the day seemed to just get on with their jobs and turn their hands to whatever was



Thanks to Pat Dorward (CS), Joan Austin and Janet Inkster (marking and demarking), Molly Atkinson and

Joan and Janet again (demarking), Freya van Midden (Admin all day), Carol Henderson (Admin in the

afternoon) Linsay Craig, Diane Leye & Iona Hutchinson (parking and runners and coffee making),

Leon and Mary Stelmach (Timekeeping) and Mary also helped in the caravan in the afternoon,

Marlene Arthur and Imke Mulder (vet writers), Karl Leye (CP4 and photographer), Yvonne Thomson

(helpers lunches), Heather Duncan (homebakes) and our professionals Rob Tanner (farrier), Austen Marr

and Lesley McLaren (vets) and Jim, Colin, Ellis, Robert and Peter from Raynet. Thank you to all.