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14 February 2016

Last Day of the 2011 Scottish Championships washed out literally!

Despite heavy showers on Friday and Saturday, riders enjoyed 2 days of excellent, if a tad slippy, riding, with excellent marking, and great views (when the weather permitted).

However, while finishing off our excellent supper on Saturday, the heavens opened again and unknown to us, the local stream that runs along the side of the venue, burst its banks and started pouring through the venue field itself. Tents, cars and caravans were engulfed in water within 20 minutes and it was a case of all hands on deck to extricate any dry clothes/bedding from tents and move them above the high water mark.

At the same time others went to check the horses in the corralling field and found a couple already up to their bellies, quietly standing in their corrals in the midst of a similar torrent that cut right across their field.

All this happened about 9pm and for the next 3 hours Team SERC went into action to lend a hand wherever it was needed. Most of the horses were either loaded up and taken home, or moved to the Racecourse stabling.

The horses that remained in flooded corrals were moved into higher ones which had been vacated by others.

Similarly riders, crews and helpers decamped to the jockey accommodation, the admin marquee, the

racecourse changing rooms or any other dry shelter.

I am very glad to report that neither any people or horses seemed any the worse for the episode the same cannot be said for some of the tents, particularly the Highland Branch contingent, and there will be some very soggy car interiors today.

This was a huge shame for all the organisers who had provided a brilliant weekend other than booking dry weather and I think everyone who rode on Friday or Saturday will appreciate an excellent event. This also a great example what a great Club we have, as everyone mucked in to help.

Ruth, just back from Perth and beginning to dry out