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09 February 2019

Barefoot Pleasure Trophy donated by Freya van Midden

Barefoot (wearing of boots allowed) horse/ rider combination, with the most completed pleasure rides over the season ridden in any branch in Scotland.  In the event of a tie, the higher pleasure mileage wins.

Previous Winners

2011  Cloughwood Gold Spangle (Lorna Hogg), 5 Pleasure rides

2012  Ryan (Karl Leye), 3 Pleasure rides

2013  Danny Boy (Angi Long), 2 Pleasure rides

2014  Durris Indian Spirit (Freya van Midden), 9 Pleasure rides

2015  Red Cloud Jacob (Sarah Taylor), 12 Pleasure rides

2016  Red Cloud Jacob (Sarah Taylor), 6 Pleasure rides

2017  Pentland Lenja (Mia Taylor), 7 Pleasure rides

2018  Ryan (Karl Leye), 9 Pleasure rides